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Loan & Real Estate Advisory for banks and investors

We are Germany’s largest special service provider for real-estate secured financial products. Since 2005, the LOANCOS Group of companies have successfully placed over 40,000 properties in the market – with maximum added value for our clients. On behalf of our clients we accomplish investment results throughout the whole value chain of Mortgage Loans.

Mortgage loans


Since 2005, the LOANCOS Group of companies are an established provider in the market for primary and special servicing. The 2012 merger of IMMOFORI AG and Servicing Advisors Deutschland GmbH has created Germany's largest special services provider for real-estate secured financial products:

  • Sourcing Real Estate loans
  • Primary servicing as outsourcing for banks and insurance companies and as full service provider for financial investors
  • Special servicing for sub-performing and non-performing loans
  • Management of securitisation structures

Until 2008, the market for Loan servicing transactions was dominated by non-performing loans. Today, the Loan asset class is showing new market dynamics through Non-core portfolios and tightened regulation for Lending.

Tightening regulation and accelerated rate of change in Real Estate Lending regulation require fully comprehensive expertise in the complex world of Loan assets.

Real Estate

Management, Development, Placements

Our unique and extensive network covers over 500 active distribution partners and project developers.


Our extensive Track record includes efficient processes for residential Real Estate as well as midsized commercial Real Estate, also with a focus on opportunistic and value-add properties.

Our particular focus is on combining the two asset classes Real Estate and Loans. During the last 10 years, we have made in excess of 1,000 properties available via real-estate-owned structures (REO) that were subsequently placed in the market.


Your Deal Supporter

Through our comprehensive sell-side and buy-side activities, LOANCOS offers not only services for due diligence that can be tailored to fit clients‘ needs and the sale of Real Estate Loan portfolios, but is also increasingly acting in a role of DEAL ORIGINATOR to generate transaction volume for our investor clients.


We consider it a key task to screen the portfolios we manage on an ongoing basis and to highlight both exit and investment opportunities for our clients based on current market trends.

Our focus goes beyond existing Real Estate Loan portfolios. Given tighter regulation predominantly on the banking side, we can contribute to sourcing performing and non-performing Mortgage Loans for our clients, and additionally offer a full one-stop service to execute the entire transaction value chain. Clients can also benefit from our support in structuring their portfolios in MBS structures.

Our vision is to increase the Liquidity in the Loan portfolio transaction market so that our clients can be benefit from changes in banks‘ lending behaviour.

LOANCOS Expertise

state-of-the-art resolution

We offer modern, individual solutions to our clients.


Our Independence is important to us - to avoid conflicts.


We design and shape new Innovations. LOANCOS is active in FinTech.

Flexible Team

We are successfull - with a high level of mutability.


Loan & Real Estate Advisory for banks and investors

Thanks to the close-knit integration of our highly specialised and long-standing business units, LOANCOS can provide access to new investment opportunities in Mortgage Loan Portfolios and can also provide investors entering the market with easy access to tap the Loan asset market.


With over 80 professionals, we offer unique expertise and insight in all areas of the property finance cycle. We provide international investors and banks with:

  • tailor-made, state of the art solutions in sourcing, primary servicing and special servicing for loans
  • and support in deal structuring due diligence.

We are the largest independent Loan servicer in Germany. Our independent status is an important responsibility for us: it helps to prevent potential conflicts of interest. A significant share of LOANCOS is owned by our key staff and management ensuring comprehensive alignment with client interests.


Flexibility to accommodate our clients‘ needs is paramount, given constant market change. What you can expect from us is extensive expertise, a flexible team and an innovative approach.

We actively help shape Fintech development through project work and also look after our clients‘ needs within the complementary asset classes Leasehold and Shipping Loans – because our area of expertise are all types of Loans.

High activity at Sell- and Buy-Side
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